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Medical business is an ever growing business

Market Situation and Future Scope Of Medicines

COVID-19 pandemic has led to a great boost in the Pharma Industry of India. We also learn from Pandemic time that pharma & medical businesses are never going to shut down. Medical businesses come as essential services It's an ever-growing business, it starts from low investment and gives high return.

Current lifestyle leads to increase usage of medicines.

Pharma Industry Growth Story

Due to the current lifestyle, urbanization, work pressure and increase in technology have directly affected health which leads to increased usage of medicines As per today's high modern lifestyle, an average family members (4-6) are consuming medicines from birth till death, which makes it very essential.

Branded Medicine

Generic Medicine

Several years of R & D
Less R & D
Original Branded medicines
Copy of Branded medicines
Accurate + standard during formulation
Variations during reformulation
Higher in cost
Lower in cost
Properly packed
Sold loose
Quick to heal
Longer time to heal
Protected by a patent
Low cost version of branded drug

our geographical presence

Rajnish Wellness Ltd. is present in 21 states in India


There are 60+ C&F pan India

Super Stockist

We have 550+ Distributors pan India


We have more than 10,000 distributors


Present in more than 1,00,000 stores (Medical & Ayurvedic Stores)

Dava Discount

A Division of Rajnish Wellness

"The Concept"

Dava discount is offering the business opportunities in domestic horizon covering all state of the country.

Dava discount is supplying all pharmaceutical products throughout the country with its Dava Discount franchisee. Our business objective is to provide good benefits to our associates and provide all branded medicines at a discounted price.

Dava Discount franchisee assures you best of services for effective and unique marketing skills in the territory or pin-code chosen by you and ensures timely supply of branded medicines at competitive prices.

Not only this, the company assures you goodwill on which you can always rely on.


Our mission is to open 1000+ stores across India by 2025. We want to reach to maximum people and provide them with discounted medicines in their vicinity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Along with providing discounted branded medicines, customers satisfaction is major social cause of our business. We would like to remove the high cost barrier so even normal People can afford it.

Dava Discount franchisee

Why Only Dava Discount Franchise?

Low Investment & High Returns

Start earning in short duration

Corporate Technical Support

For billing & inventory management

Corporate HR Assistance

Staff recruitment and training

Corporate Sale & Marketing Support

Free from sales pressure and target

Advantages of Owning a Monopoly Business

dava discount franchise

Single Store In One Pin Code Area

One store in selected area will increase popularity and work.

Flat 20% to 25% Discount

Only company to offer 20% to 25% discount on Medicines.

Accelerated Growth

Accelerated growth in leads, conversions and customers to meet desired goals or to maximise profit an shot duration.

Dava Discount Franchise

Normal Medical Store

Flat 20 to 25% off on Branded medicines (not generic)
Upto 10-15% discount on medicines (Generic & Branded)
Doctor prescribe branded medicines
Unavailability of prescribed medicines leads to use of alternative medicine
Discount on all branded medicines
Discount on selective medicines
First 3 months assured income of Rs. 1,00,000/-p.m.
No profit assurance
Less Investment, High Return
High Investment, less returns
Corporate marketing support i.e. Digital, Social
No Marketing support
Corporate support for license work
No support for license work
Back up for staff recruitment
No Back up recruitement

company deliverables - key strengths


● Excellent in Sales & Marketing

● Strong legal team for licenses and compliances

● 21 states Pan India presence Goodwill you can rely upon

Profitable Business Model

● Less Investment, High return Corporate back up

● Staff recruitment & Training

● Streamlines stock management & inventory analysis


● Problem solving skills

● Pioneer of new ideas

● Creator or pilot programs

Steps for Dava Discount Franchise

Registration Process
Store & License Execution process
Furniture & Software Installation
Inventory analysis & Stock process
Approval & Inauguration

Be the part of the growth story of Pharma industry.

Your Golden opportunity to make money and be
your own boss, By Dava Discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dava discount is offering the business opportunity in domestic horizon covering all state of the country. Dava discount is supplying all pharmaceutical product throughout the country with its Dava discount franchisee. Our business objective is to provide good benefits to out associates and provide all branded medicine at discounted price Dava Discount assures you best of services for effective and unique marketing skills in the territory or pin code chosen by you and ensures timely supply of branded medicines in competitive prices. Not only this, the company provides you assuring goodwill on which you can always rely upon.

  • Flat 20% discount on all Branded Medicines.
  • Flat 25% discount on bill amount above Rs. 2000/
  • DD franchise deals with all Branded Medicines not generic
  • 3 months assured commitment of earning a gross profit of Rs. 1,00,000/
  • Company not only supports but also pays for Drug license, food license and Govt fees.
  • Quality assured medicines with competitive price.
  • Low Investment and High Returns in short duration.
  • Good Career options (Even fresher’s can start).
  • Growth opportunity in Pin code area.
  • Corporate HR assistance – (Staff recruitment and training).
  • Corporate technical support – (For billing and inventory management).
  • Corporate sales and marketing support – (Free from Franchise sales and target).
  • Dava Discount Store – Those people who rely on medicine daily it is better to opt for Dava Discount Medicine Store through which one can save around half of the Amount they are spending when brought from other Normal Medical Store.
  • While most of us budget for large medical expenses like surgery and hospitalization, smaller expenses are often overlooked what we don’t take into consideration is the significant amount of money spent every month on medicine especially for chronic ailments like Diabetes and Cardio vascular disease.
  • It is important to recognize the value of money affordable to get from Dava Discount Store.
  • No medical shop will offer flat 20 to 25% discount near you.
  • Regular reminder for medicines to BP/ Diabetic customer (For 30 days medicine).
  • Free home delivery with 20% cash Discount from our corporate office.
  • Online marketing support.Visit store campaign.
  • Whoever searches on Google for nearest Pharmacy, your medical store will be displayed.

Only store to give you flat 20% to 25% Discount in your area on Branded medicines that will increase the popularity of workin selected area.
Thus resulting in accelerated growth, more traffic, leads, conversions, customers, etc are some of the benefits you will receive

Yes we pride in ourselves to be able to take up Market study and evaluation for all the locations referred to us

If during analysis we feel that the site is not feasible, we immediately inform you. If the site shows prospects then we take few days to do Market study.

Yes, depends on availability of pin code and desired area.

As per Government norms, minimum store size requirement is 120 sq ft. to 200 sq ft – 250 sq ft, is ideal for medical store.

Location should be a ground floor, on the main street, preferably at a corner intersection with highly visible outside with no major obstructions to access.

Our experience shows that proximity to other leading drug store can work as an advantage for you as it is an example that the area has a sizeable market.

Yes, you can change the name board to our set standard format as Dava Discount Franchise.

The Franchisee has to send the picture of premises via WhatsApp or Email, the franchisor will visit the place provided the food and accommodations are borne by the franchisee.

As of now no fee included for the first 10 franchises, later on fee will be there which is non-refundable.

Google and Facebook campaigns, Instagram posts, WhatsApp promotions, Local SMS/messages and Ads will be done by the franchisor for the first 3 to 6 months. After which same will be continued on request (charges mutually accepted). The expense of Advertising at local level (Pamphlet distribution, pole branding) will be done by franchisee

Marketing and sales promotion will be done by the franchisor and 2 standees will be given to the franchisee and all marketing creative will be shared to franchise for local area marketing.

Name boards and fridge provided by the Franchisor. Rest of the infrastructure cost would be approximately up to Rs. 1,00,000/ borne by franchisee only.

The D pharma/ B pharma staff requirements will be guided by Franchisor and salary will be paid by Franchisee

  • Franchise Application form with 3 photos.
  • Rental agreement on their name
  • Tax receipt (If its own property)
  • Identity proof/ Address proof

After 5 years, it can be renewed.

You must inform Dava Discount, about your intention to sell. We have to evaluate the interested party and make sure he/she is qualified to take over the existing franchise.

After 5 years agreement can be renewed on request.

Yes we give billing software training through team viewer from our corporate office.


  • Application form
  • Block your Pin Code
  • KYC Documentation
  • MOU / Agreement
  • Sign up fees

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